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web painting reversed and cropped thin Circle Painting 2 Welcome Portfolio Contact Photography Puddleduck Just Playing Diane painting at Clapham North Yorkshire


 Born in Liverpool.

Moved to York in the 60's.

Passed the entrance exam to Art School

wasn't allowed to go.

Got a proper job instead.


Married to my lovely husband Digby, we have two children

and we are now grandparents.


When the children were young I took up painting again.

I studied Art and Ceramics at York and Harrogate.

I work on location or from my studio in Skelton, York.


My Inspiration comes from the ever-changing countryside of the vast County of North Yorkshire.

The Magnificent City of York ,

which I love and feel so privileged to live.


The North Yorkshire Moors and the East Coast all on my doorstep.  

The Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District not too far away  

 need I say more!


In bad weather a Still Life will be set up and of course there is always a cat about ready to pose.

I also have a change of subject at a  weekly Life Drawing Group and have recently taken up Printing and Fused Glass





I have a passionate love of colour.

Always striving to find a balance between reality and abstraction.


I don't have a style as such, it depends on the

mood, medium, subject


the way the work is taking shape.

You never know when a happy accident is going to happen!

Rules are meant to be broken.


I work in most mediums and usually get straight in with the colour.


Soft Pastels are used for colour in an instance,

although they can be dusty and make your hands dry.

 I use all brands both hard and soft.

Oil Pastels and Inks.


Acrylics because they dry quickly and are very forgiving,

 they can be used thick or thin  on all types of surfaces.


Watercolour for it's translucent qualities.

Gouache on it's own or with other mediums.

Oils, when  the cats are not around.


Mixed media is a great way to paint but hard to repeat your surprises.


Materials I use are all artist quality.


Thankyou for taking the time to look at my work.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

I had great fun building the website.

 New work will be added regularly.


2019 has not been a good year.

I had an accident and broke my back and then informed I have Cancer,

so not much work done this year.


My motto - Nothing will get the better of me!!

A rare photograph of me.

I can't take enough photographs


avoid being at the other end of the lens.

web painting thin crop Carved Porcelain by Diane Orchid With Style - Original Pastel Heart red small

Example of Carved Porcelain



DSC06690 Fused Glass by Diane Orchid With Style