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I am an artist, who enjoys trying many crafts from painting, ceramics, glass, photography and textiles.


I love to paint in all mediums.


I enjoy trying new  methods of painting and all being well, will add new work to my blog.


I have never been very good at writing letters so hello world  lets see how I get on.




Day 14 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge - Fused Glass Porthole Window

By Diane Thornton, Jan 14 2017 06:44PM

Day 14

Fused Glass Porthole Window for Puddleduck's Door

Today I went to a glass workshop to make a round window for our Narrowboat - Puddleduck.

At the workshop the other people where making a variety of lovely things, but as I had been before to Naomi's workshops, she left me to do my own thing.

I had decided on a fish and did a rough drawing. I wanted it to be a bit like a mosaic and also not to see through it too easily, so added some frits and glass confetti to make it harder to see through.

Can't wait to see if it looks a little bit like a fish when it has been fired, anyway as long as it is colourful I don't mind. I will post a photo when it has been fired.

Fused Glass for Puddleduck's Porthole Window  -  4 5/8 Inches diameter
Fused Glass for Puddleduck's Porthole Window - 4 5/8 Inches diameter
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